GnarLab was started in Minneapolis, MN in 2018 after our final snowmobiling trip of the season out in Montana and Wyoming. We had found the perfect honeyhole on a bluebird day that was in desperate need of tracks. When we got to the other side to take a break, we realized our GoPro's weren't on and hadn't been on the entire time and we had no idea... As you can expect, we missed out on Capturing the Gnar.

On our 14 hour trip back, we laid the groundwork for a cure to our biggest issue with GoPro's, helmets, and powersports. And almost two years later, we are excited to bring the GnarPro to the world.


Josh Kyburz

Josh established himself as CEO and Programming Voodoo Specialist through a knock down, drag out, 10 round, Two Stroke oil chugging contest. Originally from Michigan, Josh thinks he remembers going to school. He does have a piece of paper that says his name and Mechanical Engineer. He says it counts. Fully sends it at all times.

Cal Nauman

Cal is our CTO, print ink changer, and alleged Social Media manager. We still aren't sure how he managed to convince us to let him have that position. The only reason he's here is because he still can't ever tell "If its on?". Cal is from Montana but got lost in North Dakota for 5-9 years, depending on the story and time of night. He keeps saying he's an engineer but his transcript is "In the mail". 

Nate Kyburz

Nate is our President of Advance Tech, Shop Manager, and Master of Assembly. Originally from Michigan, Nate just showed up one day. He's pretty cool, so we let him stay. He claims to shred harder than the "old guys", but we have yet to see daylight underneath his track. Nate went to college and stuff after highschool, but doesn't use his degree. He keeps the wheels on the buggy and the rubber side down.

Brendan Matson

Brendan is our President of Marketing, Master of Smoke n' Mirrors, and resident Nutritionist . Originally from the Dakota without the famous rock heads, Brendan is guilty by association. We made him ride 30hrs round trip with us to the mountains as we discuss business for our annual board meeting. He's the only one on the team that can properly operate Instagram and his ditch bangin is really strong from all the practice in the old days. His "goat-pathing" through the timber is... coming around. Brendan did some engineer-ish stuff for 5 odd years in the other Dakota. Claims to be able to bench press at least two Nate's.