CaptR by GnarLab GoPro Hero 10

Connecting CaptR to a GoPro® Hero 10

This post will walk you through connecting a GoPro® Hero 10 to a CaptR wireless GoPro® remote by GnarLab. With the GnarLink app, you can use any iPhone or Android phone to setup multiple GoPro® camera profiles to quickly switch between any camera on the go. CaptR is the only device to control all GoPro® camera models from one device.


New Camera Setup:

  1. Turn on CaptR, open the GnarLink app on your iPhone or Android phone, and tap 'Connect to CaptR'
  2. CaptR not connected to GnarLink
    1. The app will show 'Connecting...', with a loading symbol
    CaptR connecting to GnarLink app
  3. Once connected, you will see a 'Connected' status with a default camera profile
  4. CaptR connected to GnarLink with GoPro camera profile
  5. Tap on 'Add a New Camera'
  6. Tap on 'Hero 10' from the list and then tap on 'NEXT' in the bottom right of the modal
  7. CaptR add a new GoPro camera list CaptR select GoPro Hero 10
  8. Tap on the Camera Name text field and give your camera a nickname so that you remember it later
  9. CaptR add camera nickname
  10. Tap on your GoPro® device from the list. If you see multiple devices in the list, you can determine which device is your target by: Slide Down from Top >> Slide Right >> Tap on Connections >> Tap on Camera Info >> Reference the Last 4 Digits of Camera Name
  11. CaptR add GoPro Hero 10
  12. Tap on 'ADD CAM'
  13. Your GoPro® Hero 10 camera profile has now been added and is ready to connect. Tap on the newly added camera profile. The profile card will highlight as blue and 2 buttons will now appear under the profile, giving you two options:
  14. CaptR selected camera profile options
    1. Connect CaptR to this Camera
      1. Connects the selected (highlighted in blue) camera profile to this CaptR
    2. Remove Camera from CaptR
      1. Removes the selected (highlighted in blue) camera profile from this CaptR
  15. With the target camera profile highlighted in blue, tap on 'Connect CaptR to this Camera'. The highlighted camera profile will change from blue to green to signal that this is the target camera for CaptR to connect to going forward
CaptR selected camera profile GoPro Hero 10
  1. To pair this CaptR with the GoPro® Hero 10, we'll need to put the GoPro® into pairing mode. Find pairing mode by going by: Slide Down from Top >> Slide Right >> Tap on Connections >> Tap on Connect Device >> Tap on The Remote
  2. GoPro Hero 10 pairing mode connecting to CaptR
  3. The CaptR button ring will turn from blinking yellow to solid green once connected 
  4. CaptR some gnarly footage



  1. Turn CaptR on, turn GoPro on
  2. The CaptR button ring will turn from blinking yellow to solid green
  3. CaptR some gnarly footage
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